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Nationally Recognized Financial Lending Company

VIAKON Lending Group is a nationally recognized financial company serving our clients' financing needs. In these trying times, most banks have a policy to lend money only to those companies that don't really need it. Additionally, most banks are one-dimensional and only do one type of financing. They are not in a position to provide all the different types of financing small to medium-sized businesses need. VIAKON Lending Group, with our expertise and our partnerships with national lenders can provide all of your financing needs.

Our Financial Services

Quick and easy      Customizable Options      Expert Advisors.

Whether your small business needs to get new equipment, you are looking to finance your accounts receivable and inventory, you need to raise working capital, or you are trying to acquire a company, VIAKON can do it all. Our lending group loans money to small businesses of all sorts, helping them survive, thrive, and continue to make an impact in their respective communities.

Whether your business has just started, or is well established, we have a financing solution for you.

Quick and Easy

In the modern world, business is more fast-paced than ever before. You don’t have time to sit around waiting for help, you need it right away. At VIOKON Lending Group, we understand that. With top-notch financial solutions online, we make it both quick and easy for you to finance with us and find the financial solutions that are right for your business.

Customizable Options

Every business is different, and therefore every business has different needs. That is why we offer customizable options for our SBA loans and other services. We look at each one of our clients individually, assessing their unique needs so that we can help them to be successful financially.

Expert Advisors

Financial solutions for established businesses and business loans for new businesses isn’t just our job, it’s our passion. VIAKON has been proudly offering loans for businesses since (year they were established), and we are a team of financial experts who want to see small businesses succeed.

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If you are interested in SBA loans, contact us today for a free evaluation of your financial needs. Our financial specialists are here to help assess your needs to get you set up with the right business loans.