About Us

Highly Experienced & Seasoned, Certified, Financial Solutions Professionals


Whether your small business needs to get new equipment, you are looking to finance your accounts receivable and inventory, you need to raise working capital, or you are trying to acquire a company, VIAKON can do it all. Our lending group loans money to small businesses of all sorts, helping them survive, thrive, and continue to make an impact in their respective communities. We know the importance of small businesses, and with that comes the importance of SBA loans.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Lending Groups

With our seasoned knowledge and financial expertise, we can almost always find the right solution for all your financing needs. Unlike a bank or local lending institutions, which only lend to the most credit-worthy businesses, VIAKON Lending Group can almost always find you the financing you need with our relationships with national lenders. Small business startup loans are crucial for the success of emerging businesses, and cash advance loans can make a world of difference for an established small business that is struggling to keep up with the current economy.

Our Story

Hi: I’m Regina Tyler, Founder, and CEO of VIAKON Lending Group, with over 25 years of experience in the finance industry. The organization’s business strategies are built around integrity, solid business practices, and diversity. VIAKON was formed to assist small and medium enterprises with their financial solution when denied by traditional banks. Unfortunately, traditional Banks do not always give small and medium businesses loans at the different stages of the business life cycle: startup, growth, maturity, renewal/rebirth, or decline. Here at VIAKON Lending Group, we value your business journey and offer various funding programs at each stage. The loan process is easy, with funds available within days.

If You Need a Small Business Loan, Contact Us

We offer free evaluations with one of our financial experts, allowing us to assess your financial needs and discuss the most appropriate loan options. If you are in need of a small business loan, contact us today! VIAKON Lending Group proudly works with both new startups and well-established small businesses alike, and we’re here to help provide your business with the right financial solutions.